Marcy Seminoff

General Parenting Reading List

Becoming the parent you want to be : a source book of strategies for the first five years
Laura Davis and Janis Keyser, Broadway Books, 1997.
Contains guidance on emotional, physical development of your child. Helps parent assess their own values and development as a parent.

How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk
Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, Avon Books, 1999.
An essential read on communication techniques for connecting to your child. I recommend this book the most of any parenting book.

Without spanking or spoiling : a practical approach to toddler and preschool guidance
Elizabeth Crary, Parenting Press, 1993.
Targets specific problem behaviors (e.g. whining,biting). Outlines basic strategies for increasing and decreasing behaviors.

The parent's little book of lists : dos and don'ts of effective parenting
Jane Bluestein, Health Communications, 1997.
Lists on deep topics such as creating emotional safety in your family, as well as how to survive in a grocery store with a toddler. Fun to read!

Growing up again : parenting ourselves, parenting our children
Jean Illsley Clarke and Connie Dawson, Hazelden, 1998.
Brings parents closer to their own childhood . Heightens awareness of healthy discipline and family systems.

Kids are worth it! : giving your child the gift of inner discipline
Barbara Coloroso, Quill, 2002.
Interesting and helpful exploration of three basic types of parenting. Many tips and insights.

Ms. Seminoff's work with clients focuses on empowering individuals and families to cope more effectively with life challenges. She guides them to:

* Discover and develop individual and family strengths.

* Explore beliefs and behaviors that sabotage personal goals or relationships.

* Evaluate family dynamics and patterns in relationships that impact both individual and family well-being.

* Develop acceptance for self and family members.